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Strong Presence for The Taiwanese Medical Device, Technologies & Solutions Industry at Medica

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 07 July 2018

•Taiwanese companies showcase innovations at the largest medical trade fair in the world

•Taiwan positions its medical technology segment with a comprehensive range of products

•User-friendly designs with additional benefits


Taipei / Düsseldorf, 16.11.2016. Yesterday, numerous representatives of the media from four different countries attended an international press conference at Medica, the World Forum for Medicine, to discover what innovations the Taiwanese medical device, technologies and solutions industry has to offer. There was a high level of interest because a comprehensive range of Taiwanese-made medical devices were on show. The Taiwanese medical device industry profits from the countries strengths and competitive advantage in many other sectors, such as electronics, IT and communications technology, all of which are the basis for many modern medical technology developments. Representatives of Adronic, AmCad, Ever Bio, HIWIN and Pihsiang (Shoprider) at the press conference proved just how user-friendly and innovative the latest medical technology developments from Taiwan are.


The press conference for medical equipment manufacturers in Taiwan was opened by Professor Jhy‐Wey Shieh, Representative of the Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany, who emphasized the overall relevance of Taiwanese products. “During the last years Taiwan’s medical device industry focuses not only on producing but innovation, research and development. Today, we are presenting a number of developments that will further consolidate Taiwan’s market position.“


Innovative Taiwanese products at Medica range from ultrasound scanner to medical mobility device and tissue microarray system

Dr. Yio-Wha Shau, Vice-President and General Director of the Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories at ITRI – a research institute similar to the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany or Applied Materials in the USA – then provided an overview of the innovative Taiwanese products and technologies, as well as medical equipment solutions and applications.


He was followed by Hsiang-Te Tseng, President of Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd., a medical equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, who explained his company’s newest product, the Argus HD PACS Station. Researched and developed in collaboration with a top medical center in Taiwan, this endoscopic system can be applied to otorhinolaryngology (i.e. ear, nose and throat), gynaecology, urology, neurosurgery, tumor and cancer cell examination. Featuring a unique light source system, its customized camera head considerably increases the sensitivity for the detection of wavelengths, which is very beneficial to the identification of tumors and cancer cells. This medical system makes far more accurate diagnosis possible, and it can also capture images and record videos during surgical operations for comprehensive documentation.


The next presentation made by Dr. Argon Chen, the General Manager of AmCad BioMed Corporation was on the subject of revolutionizing ultrasound imaging and application. AmCad BioMed Corporation is dedicated to developing innovative Computer-Assisted Detection and Diagnosis (CAD) devices. At Medica, one of the medical technologies and solutions it is exhibiting is iSono, a smart handheld medical ultrasound device for medical applications. The iSono accessory simplifies ultrasound scans because it combines a gel supply mechanism, a monitoring display, the ultrasound controls and a probe all in a practical handheld device. Another innovative solution by AmCad BioMed Corporation is AmCAD-UO. It assists physicians in evaluating the risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and consists of a positioning system and a computer-assisted detection software device.

Mr. Cyrus Tong, the General Manager of HIWIN Technologies Corporation followed Dr. Chen with a short presentation on robotic and sensory rehab therapy in which he explained the perspectives of patient centered therapy. HIWIN Technologies Corp. is ranked 37th on the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Company list, one of the big medical device company names. It is exhibiting two walking training systems: The robotic gait training system (MRG-P100, EC certificate) and the walking training system (MRG-S100). The MRG-P100 moves the patient’s legs with precision and can be programmed to help patients with a variety of mobility impairments. HIWIN Cloud provides cloud-based rehabilitation therapy for mobile device users, allowing patients to perform the prescribed exercises anywhere and anytime, and to upload their training data to a ‘health cloud’ so that their physician can assess and monitor their rehabilitation progress.


The new ROVI Power Wheelchair, an advanced mobility aid by Shoprider, a medical device sales company, was presented by Ms. Diana Mei Chi Liu, the General Manager of Shoprider (Pihsiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.). ROVI has the narrowest wheelbase in the industry and combines advanced functions with optimum comfort, stability, durability and impressive design. It can easily overcome high curbs and obstacles.


Finally, Dr. David Lor, CEO of EverBio Technology Inc., presented a completed tissue microarray system and computer management system specifically designed for biobank. AutoTiss X is the world’s first medical device company using automated arrayer that supports standard blocks as well as macro-blocks that processes large tissues, such as prostates, brains and other large organs, thereby covering the full range of pathology research applications. Ohio University (USA), the Children’s Hospital Cincinnati (USA) and the Queen Elisabeth Hospital (Hong Kong) use the AutoTiss X already.


Written by C. Richter (c.richter@zeron.de)

Provided by Christina (chlim@taitra.org.tw) and Mei( mei@taitra.org.tw)


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