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Akar Test Lung for Lung Function Test

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Key Features

Medical lung function test equipment. Features a lightweight and portable design. Easy to clean. Contact us to learn more about our products and to get a custom quote.



1.     The Test Lung is designed for test mechanical ventilator functional properly before applying to patient. It imitates the respiratory system of an adult and provides nominal levels of resistance and compliance as well as a variable leak function to simulate a patient circuit leak.

2.     Easy to set up: No electrical required, easy to use for testing while attach to ventilator

3.     Compact and light weight

4.     Visible design: easy to discovery if any dirt or miscellaneous object in the bag from the windows of shell.

5.     Retaining Lock: easy click and disassemble for cleaning.

6.     Cleaning: It can be cleaned with common disinfecting or cleaning solutions. The silicone bag can be autoclaved at 121 degree C.

7.     Specification:

                   i.           Compliance C: 20ml/cmH2O (approx.) (Test condition: Tidal volume Vt(ml):300, Frequency: 20 min-1, I:E Ratio: 1:2, Vt=C*Pmax)

                  ii.           Resistance: 20cmH2O/L/sec@60 LPM (approx.)

                 iii.           Connector: 15mm OD, conform to ISO-5356-1.

                 iv.           Volume: 0-600ml (ref.)

                  v.           Weight: 220 grams

                 vi.           Measurement: 290 x 100 x 40mm

                vii.           Material: Silicone Bag 1 liter, High-performance Engineering Polymer.


Order Information
061117   Akar Test Lung, 20ml/cm H2O




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  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-06-08
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