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Automatic Pulse-Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

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Key Features

WM-390 is an efficient and reliable automatic steam sterilizer. Specially designed for large capacity and highest flexibility in processing requirement. It can be used in a hospital for efficient, high-volume processing of heat and moisture stabile materials, such as fabrics, wrapped hard goods, liquid or glassware etc.

1.Control system:automatic control system provides strict control of sterilize temperature, time pressure etc. to assure consistent, accurate performance.
2.Sterilizer Cycles:there are 3 pre-programmed cycle selections that  can process various load types in this sterilizer. For easy sterilizer operation: 1 Unwrapped cycle;2 Wrapped cycle; 3 Liquid cycle.
3.Automatic operation: Cycle progresses automatically through pulses vacuum, sterilizing, exhaust, vacuum drying and venting phases.
4.Temperature controller: sterilize temperature can be set from 121℃ to 134℃ on digital temperature controller. When setting temperature is achieved the process of sterilizing cycle will automatic operating.
5.Timer: sterilize time and dry time can be set from 0~99 minutes on digital sterilizing timer and drying timer. The time start only after the pre-set temperature is reached, ensuring complete sterilization.
6.Status display: illuminated pilot lamps display status and a buzzer announces the completion and cuts off the heating power source.
7.Pressure gauge: the large diameter of chamber pressure gauge and jacket pressure gauge make ideal require reading and indicate high precision and consistent results.
8.Heating system: building steam to supply steam to sterilizer.
9.Vacuum system: controlled and monitored pulses vacuum and drying phase effectively condition loads of various size and density...reducing total sterilization time. System includes a condenser and water ejector.
10.Steam trap: discharges condensate from chamber to obtain effective saturated steam.
11.Air filter: an effective HEPA air filter is used to prevent contaminated air from entering into the chamber.
12.Chamber door: chamber door is manually operated and actuated by rotating a door handle.
13.Gasket: the silicone-rubber sealing gasket is applied to an even pressure door seal.
14.Chamber shell: Rectangular chamber provides a large capacity to satisfy a wide range of sterile processing needs. Chamber is made of high quality SUS 316L stainless steel with polished surface for long lasting service and easy cleaning. A double layer construction a thermally insulated with foil backed fiberglass insulation.

Safety device
1.Safety door  switch: cycle does not start unless chamber is locked also door-unlocked signal is displayed one the control panel.
2.Door interlock: door safety locking device keep door from being opened while chamber is pressurize.
3. Safety valve: releasing steam in case of excessive chamber pressure.
4.Overheating protection device: high temperature deviation in chamber actuates protective device cuts off the heating source immediately.
5.Low water protection device: low water level in steam generator will actuate audible alarm and protective device cut off the heating source immediately (Option steam generator).
6.Circuit protection device: Circuit breaker and fuse protects control units when short circuit or overload occurs.
7.Emergency exhaust: manual exhaust to vent the chamber and remove the load in the event of a power outage. 

 Model Camber Size
Door Opera
-erature Control 
Design Tempe
Maximum Working Tempera
Sterillzing & Drying Time
Electric power
Steam Gener
Electric Power
Central Steam 
Power Camber Material Jacket,Chamber Door & shell Material 
 WM-390 W410xH4
 Manual Hinge Door LED
Digital Temp
-erature Controller
 2.8141 134 0~99  18
 2.5 220/
-nless Steel SUS
 Stainless Steel SUS304L

Last Update : 2015-01-15
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