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Berman Airway

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Key Features

1. The curved shape separates the tongue from the posterior wall of the pharynx.

2. The dual channel is designed to relieve obstructions in the unconscious patient caused by the tongue or other soft tissue.

3. Unbending bite block to keep the patient airway from collapsing, and insure ventilation smoothly.

4. Color coding for size identification conforms to ISO requirements.

5. Individual sterile package is available upon request.
6. Each set consists of one each size from size 40mm to 110mm for neonate to adult.
Order Information
010300  Berman Airway management kit (Color)

010304  Berman Airway, 40mm (Color)

010305  Berman Airway, 50mm (Color)

010306  Berman Airway, 60mm (Color)

010307  Berman Airway, 70mm (Color)

010308  Berman Airway, 80mm (Color)

010309  Berman Airway, 90mm (Color)

010310  Berman Airway, 100mm (Color)

010311  Berman Airway, 110mm (Color)

010400  Berman Airway management kit (Clear)

010404  Berman Airway, 40mm (Clear)

010405  Berman Airway, 50mm (Clear)

010406  Berman Airway, 60mm (Clear)

010407  Berman Airway, 70mm (Clear)

010408  Berman Airway, 80mm (Clear)

010409  Berman Airway, 90mm (Clear)

010410  Berman Airway, 100mm (Clear)

010411  Berman Airway, 110mm (Clear)

Last Update : 2014-03-20
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