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BHO silicone electrostatic healthy bracelet

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Key Features

Physical Characteristics

The healthy band Inner layer withspecial highly conductive material can guide the static electricity ofhuman body to form the electrostatic field generated ring field effects. The human’s induced electric field according to the[ Faraday’s Low] use as potential energy guide the charged ions in the bloodstream running smoothly in the blood vessel, improve the blood circulation capacity and use of metallic conductor on the devise by [ CORONA ] discharge method to achieve the equal potential status of human with the environment, the potential of the human body to maintain balance immunity from electrostatic interference.


Product Function :

1. Reduce the body's accumulation of static electricity and electrostatic shock.

2.It can improve the blood circulation, increase blood oxygen levels.

3.Steady blood pressure and normal heart beat.

4.Adjusting the vigor field of human body, to improve the physique, reducing the occurrence of allergic diseases.

5.Relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, relieve anxiety mood.
6.Reduce EMF injury (such as cell phone/computer / TV, etc.) to the human body, reduce migraines.
7.Alleviate all kinds of nerve pain and muscle ache after excessive exercise.


Instruction :

According to individual demand worn on different parts of the body, can be used in single bracelet or multiple links for legs, head, neck and body or other locations.

Application :

For Long-term use of computers,staying up late, and sports groups,or persistent cold hands and feet, tingling, poor circulation person.


Specification :

Model :BTC-711

Size :235X15mm

Resistivity:10e3~10e4 Ohm

Color :Blue, Red, Yellow, Black,

Orange, Green, purple or others.

Material : Use the special medical grade antistatic silicone as the main ingredient

Last Update : 2016-05-27
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