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Facial Massager

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Key Features

Features Specifications: Ion/Wave Beauty Probe

Features Specifications: Ion/Wave Beauty Probe Ion and Wave of with it's unique curved shape of the probe, one can reach all body surfaces as well as small and curved places of face and body.
The tip of the probe is designed to allows one to reach the small areas, such as eye corners
and nose. Together with ion stimulation, the product effect is much better than the other
beauty devices on the market.
The area of the probe 2 cm from the point is most convenient for small areas of the body.
The longest part of the probe can be used on cheeks, brows or the whole body.
The corner of the probe is good to reach areas like between eyes nose bridge.
Ion Function ->Warm Activation->Vibrating Massage-> Treatement Built in Program ->
EMS technology.
The ion functions of Ion/Wave Beauty Probe use voltage theory, and EMS (Electrical Muscle
Stimulation) technology.
There is built-in-warmer. It can activate body muscles and skin cells to enhance cells of treatments.
There is built in 3 grade vibrating mode. By massaging the lymph system of face and body
with the probe, it can accelerate lymph functions and improve metabolism.
With practical and user friendly treatment programs, user can quickly develop customized
parameters and select the built-in program that work most effectively for him/her.

Product Specification
Size - W25 x D85 x H35 mm
Weight - 0.4 kg
Input - 110VAC - 220 VAC 0.28 - 0.12A 60/50 Hz
Power Consumption - 30 W
Ion Specification
Ion Voltage - 5 grades (4-10V)
Temperature - 5 grades (38-46 deg C)
Vibration - 3 grades (weak-middle-strong)
Time Adjustment - 20 min (Auto-Off)
Ion Mode - 8 modes (Basic 4, Intelligent 4)
How Ion and Waves help Skincare?
A. Basic Functions

* Cleansing
Positive Ion- it cleans the dirt and aging skin cells that cannot be removed by washing
* Massage
Massages and activatees the metabolism of deep skin. This lets nutrients go inside
deep skin.
* Nutrient
Negative Ion - it helps the ionized nutrients go into deep skin.
* Lifting
Stimulates skin effectively and helps nutrients penetrate into deep skin quickly.
B. Intelligent Functions
* Bust

Last Update : 2019-09-27
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