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FPC-EX High Performance Fluorescence Microscope Camera System-2

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Key Features

1.     Compatible with :

A. Fluorescence microscopes

B. Bright field/Dark field microscope

2.     Features: Can display vividimages quickly nearly without noise point appeared under weak fluorescent light

3.     Support OS: Window XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8/Win8.1

          Mac: OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8,

          Linux 2.6 or above

4.     With its small size andprofessional function, the performance of the system is greatly competitivecompared with expensive fluorescence microscope camera system of other famousbrands.

5.     Exclusive Micro lens and optical design technology, vividimages and great color saturation.

6.     Can watch weak/medium/strongfluorescent light images with no noise point show up.

7.     Can recover the color of theimage where user observes from optical eyepiece.

8.     Software has multiplefunction and easy to operate.

9.     Hardware is easy to mountand can be shared by many microscope instead of being fixed on only onemicroscope.

10.  Software interface is easy to operate, user can adjust parametermanually depending on different sample to get the best image.

11.  Can preview images, take photos, record video.

12.  Photo Format: tiffbmpgifjpgpngpcxtgajbg

13.  Video Format: wmvasfavi

14.  Function of software: Can measure length, angle, area ofcircle/square/eclipse.

15.  Can take time-lapse photos up to 9999 pics, with time slot from 2sto 3600s.

16.  Can stitch photos, display wide view of the section image.

17.  Can do EDF(extend depth of field) photos by adjusting z-axis topresent 3-dimensional images.

18.  Small size and delicate, easy to mount, good quality.

19.  Can use mouse to take photo, record video and do other functions.

20.  Compact size, easy to manage and can be brought to other placeseasily.

21.  Can save the parameter set by user to be reloaded when next timeuse need these parameters.

22.  Compatible with 23mm, 30mm diameter of optical eyepiece.

23.  Easy to mount, easy to operate without help from professionalpeople.

Last Update : 2018-07-31
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