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Handpiese Cleaner

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Key Features


Standard port x 3, Rotation port x 1


Standard port x 2, Rotation port x 2


Standard port x 1, Rotation port x 3

v   Standard port: High speed

v   Rotation port: Low speed

1.      The perfect solution for fast and efficient maintenance for different brands of high and low speed handpieces.

2.      The automatic rotation function during the cycle guarantees that each handpiece is cleaned and lubricated thoroughly.

3.      The front cover can be completely removed by the touch of a button for easy cleaning.

4.      Level indicator of the oil tank helps users to check the volume of the oil easily.

5.      Press the "AIR" button; it will activate the air compressor to flush out all the residual solution.

6.      Filter sponges can absorb the spray mist. The sponges are easy to be replaced.

7.      Different brands of all E-Type low speed handpieces can be attached to the connector directly.  With the adapter, all different brands of handpieces can be attached to the connector for direct use.

8.      Error Indicator: The indicator light will illuminate if the door isn't closed completely. You will not be allowed to operate the cleaner in the meantime.

9.      Complete Alarm: A buzzer will sound when the cycle is complete.

10.   Simple and Easy-to-Understand Control Panel:

v  Cycle "S"  (approx. 35 seconds): Short cycle for high speed handpieces

v  Cycle "M" (approx. 45 seconds): Medium cycle for low speed handpieces

v  Cycle "L"  (approx. 50 seconds):Long cycle for all handpieces

Product Certification

Last Update : 2015-05-08
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