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Heated waist Braces & Supports

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  • Size : L: 1055 mm

Key Features


Hot Compress Belt Series- Heated Waist Braces & Supports
~Reduced muscular pain, Improves blood circulation, Assists
muscular recovery,far infrared function~
*The Heated Braces & Supports is very comfortable,
convenient and safe. The material has very good elasticity
and has a compressed Neoprene rubber. The heating soft
flakey material allows for even heating over a large
surface area.
* The hot moxibustion therapy of Chinese medicine origin is
one of the heating therapies, which makes the blood vessels
dilate, improving circulation which assists in the removal
of unwanted toxins in the muscles and joints.
*These products are durable, flexible, and safe to machine
* There are open mouth of Velco design patent, take the
expose power code on outside to collect in inside. When you
exercise that they will protect your body to avoid the
exercise injure or hurt.
* Certification: ISO9001、ISO13485、GMP、CE LVD & EMC certification to pass.
Suitable Status:
The Heated Braces & Supports series provides controlled
heat to the lower back, knee, elbow or wrist. The
flexibility and comfort of the product allows for daily use
for a variety of disciplines. Professions such as drivers,
office workers, elite sports people, elderly and the
sedentary can benefit from the controlled calming heat.

Heated Braces & Supports Series:
HR-5007 Heated waist Braces     DC6V/ 4W*2 L: 1055 mm

Battery box & Battery set method:
1.Attachment as battery box, Ordinary AA or NiNH rechargeable batteries can be used.(Please don’t mixed other Bare battery)
2.Using life time is different to regard as the recharge battery or alkaline battery or else ordinary battery. (Alkaline recommended.)
Washing: Pease take the battery and battery box after to washing. Take the hot compress belt to air-dried. Such as to continue using.
Using method:
1.Connect the power plug into the battery box. Place the battery box into the dedicated pocket (Two side), and secure with fastener.
2.Wear the Hot compress waist belt over light clothing. Fit the belt comfortably around your waist. Pull side panels over each other until comfortable.
HR-5007AD Heated waist Braces connect adaptor power supply.
(1)Adaptor (the globe in common use)
AC100~240V transfer DC 12V (voltage safely)
(2)Accessories: Adaptor 1 pc、Power code connector 1pc (one input+ two output)
Connect to adaptor power supply method:
(1)Open the packing box, take the adaptor and wire connector.
(2)Take the two socket of the connect wire that insert to the plug of the wrist belt two-side.
(3)Take another socket of wire connector that insert to the plug of adaptor.
(4)After take the adaptor insert the socket of wall power, the hot compress belt power will start and heating.

CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. The material of neoprene compound which may cause skin irritation. If rash develops or pain persists, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Attachment: Battery box.

Standard or rechargeable batteries can be used.

Adopt the semiconductor compound to make the “TOPBOUND” rubber heater.

Thermal up 42~50℃ (107~122℉) in 3~5minutes. (Regard as Ambit temperature effect)

※    The heating duration will depend on the type batteries used. (Alkaline recommended.)

※    It is can use the lithium battery, DC3.7V or DC7.4V (it has 4 section to adjust the temperature), if need them, please contact our company.


Product Certification

Last Update : 2013-09-04
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