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IgY(ΔFc) Antibody-based Immunodiagnostic Reagents for Clinic Chemistry Analyzers

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IgY(ΔFc) Antibody-based Immunodiagnostic Reagents for Clinic Chemistry Analyzers

The kits GBC manufactures and supplies in the field of in vitro diagnostics include turbidimetric immunoassays (TIA) and latex microparticle-enhanced immunoturbidimetry (LIT) assays. Since the manufacturing of duck yolk antibody is the leading-edge technique owned by GBC, duck IgY(ΔFc) antibody, undoubtedly, is used as the major component of the GBC's TIA/LIT kits. TIA is a well-established technique for the rapid quantification of analytes based on antigen-antibody reaction. The measurable range for TIA may be extended by amplifying the immunoaggregate formation obtained by attaching the antibody to latex particles, which is termed as LIT methods. Most of the existing TIA/LIT kits suffer from interferences due to the use of mammalian antibodies. Hence, by using Avian antibodies is superior to the use of mammalian antibodies because: There is no immunological cross-reactivity between avian and mammalian antibodies (greater phylogenetic spread between both species) They recognize more specific epitopes They do not bind mammalian biological products, interfering with activated mammalian antibodies

The innovative Duck IgY(ΔFc) Antibody based TIA/LIT kits developed & manufactured by GBC exhibit distinguished characteristics and features in:

Ready to use reagents, applicable to general chemistry analyzers No reconstitution errors Highly sensitivity No hook effect Excellent reproductivity Accurate results in low concentration sample No false negative results Please click here to learn more about the Advantages of Duck IgY(ΔFc). Reference: "Evaluation and Validation of a Duck IgY Antibody-based Immunoassay for Measuring High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein: Avian Antibody Application in Clinical Diagnostics" Clinical Chemistry. 2003; 49(5):810-3. GBC has received CE mark and FDA 510(k) clearance for its diagnostic products and has obtained Taiwan- IVD GMP certification for the production of assay kits and itself has been accredited according to ISO 9001/ ISO 13485 standards, which enable us to ensure the consistency and quality of our products from lot to lot. To enrich the pipeline of our products, currently, several assays are under intensive development and they will be coming out to the market soon.

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Last Update : 2015-06-22
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