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low molecular weight HA (Hyaluronic Acid)

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Low molecular weight HA(Hyaluronic Acid)Health food ingredients of high value

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Hyaluronic Acid(LMW-HA)white or almost white powderabout 30000Dalton
(Glucuronic acid:44%)

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The biological activities of LMWHA(Hyaluronic Acid)

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) may very well be the single most important compound in the structure of the human body. It makes up the backbone of cartilage, the synovial fluid around joints and under the skin, and even cushioning behind eyes. The Hyaluronic Acid is natural, low molecular weight HA. It is easily absorbed and used by the body, unlike cheap sodium hyaluronate.

Hyaluronic Acid and Basic Body Structure

Hyaluronic Acid is a key component of the extra cellular matrix. This matrix is made of a framework of various protein structures (collagen and proteoglycans). The spaces within this framework are filled with HA. The structure of HA enables it to hold water in tissues, forming a "goo" that provides cushioning, resiliency, and moisture.

Synovial Fluid and Joints: Hyaluronic acid is a primary component of the synovial fluid that surrounds the joints. Synovial fluid is the lubrication for joints, much like oil is used to lubricate moving parts in a machine. It also directly feeds nutrition to joint cartilage. HA helps joints have resiliency, ease of movement, and cushioning to distribute mechanical loads.

Cartilage: Hyaluronic acid makes up the backbone structure of hyaline cartilage. Without the adequate hyaluronic acid backbone, cartilage will more readily fall apart and deteriorate. Hyaluronic acid makes up the backbone structure of cartilage. Without the adequate hyaluronic acid backbone, cartilage will more readily fall apart and deteriorate. Over the past ten years we have seen many individuals significantly improve joint health, including those with knee, hip, or low back problems.

Skin: Hyaluronic Acid is a primary component of healthy skin. About 50% of the structural HA in the body is contained in the skin matrix. Declining skin levels of HA are associated with dryness, reduced flexibility, and wrinkles. In a study conducted at Ostuma University in Japan, 96 women, ages 22 to 65 years, were given 20-100mg Hyaluronic Acid per day for 45 days. At the end of the study 80 women reported improvement in skin moisture and smoothness. HA has also been shown to help improve acne scars and sun damage.

Eyes: Hyaluronic Acid makes up the fluid cushioning behind the eyes. HA is concentrated in the eye to help protect the eye against impact, acting like a shock absorber. HA may also help to reduce dry eyes.

All Body Structure: Hyaluronic acid is one type of glycosaminoglycan (GAG), unique in that it is all carbohydrate and no sulfur. In addition to its goo-like properties, HA forms the "spine" or backbone of other GAGs. Other GAGs contain sulfur, also important for body structures. Common GAGs are: chondroitin sulfate (cartilage), keratin sulfate (cartilage, bone, and cornea), dermatan sulfate (skin, tendons, lungs, blood vessels, heart valves), and heparin sulfate (cell membranes).

GAGs combine to form larger molecules called proteoglycans, which link to other proteins and collagen to form all body structures. Although hyaluronic acid is not the most dominant compound in these structures, it is the one that is vital to the structure existing.

Hyaluronic Acid Improves Sleep

Hyaluronic Acid assists in the natural repair process that takes place during sleep. Take 30mg before bed to enhance joint and skin repair during sleep. Hyaluronic Acid is also known to help you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.


Last Update : 2014-03-28
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