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Medical Tube, Silicone Rubber Medical Tube, medical and dental tubing, Multi-lumen tubing, Multi-Passage silicone tube, Multi-Channel tubing, Three-Lumen tube, Three-Passage Tube, Three- Channel Tube

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03 Medical Tubes, Dental Tubes
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Green Product / Eco- Friendly 無塑化劑

Key Features

Medical Tube, Dental Tubing

(Crush-Resistant, Chemical Resistant 100% Silicone Tube)


Country of Origin:




Key True Co., Ltd.,

The silicone rubber manufacturer produces extruded & molded silicone rubber products and heating elements.


Color of silicone medical tube:

Transparent, translucent, and customized are available.


Working temperature:

-40 to 300 or -65to 572

Minus 40 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius

Minus 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit


Temperature resistant:

Basic degree: 180 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius

Highest degree: 250 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius  


Size tolerance of silicone rubber medical tube:

+ / - 0. 2mm


Material of tubing:

100 % silicone rubber


Size of silicone medical tubing:

I.D. (inches, mm):



O.D. (inches, mm):



Wall (thickness):




All lengths are available.


Packaging & Delivery of medical silicone tube

Packaging Detail:

Roll, cut, or customer requested.

Be well packed by plastic films and cartons, or plastic bags and cartons which are suitable for the shipment.


Delivery Detail:

Within 25-30 days after receive the deposit or L/C

Port: Keelung Port or Taichung Port

Payment Terms: L / C, T / T…etc.



1. Tubes, hoses, tubing for medical files

2. Harmless to human bodies, environmental friendly

3. Neither cause allergic reaction nor repulsion

4. Crush-resistant, chemical resistant silicone tubes

5. Transparent, translucent for medical usages, or all colors are available


Silicone Rubber Medical Tube, Dental Tube can apply to:    

Health care, medical files and industrial files, infusion tubes, perfusion tubes, tracheal tube, trachestomy tube, tracheotomy tube, Laryngeal Mask Airway, endotracheal tube, First aid tubing, emergency medicine tube, Endotracheal Ventilation tube, intubation tubes, delivery tube, gastro-scope tube, airway management tubes, anesthesia tubes, critical care tubing, peritoneum dialysis tube, tube for suction drainage, catheterization tube, tube for drainage, tube for distribution system, mechanical ventilation tubes, intrusive tube, siphon tube, sorbent tubes, invasive-diagnosis tube, tubes for I.V. administration, maternity and child hygiene area, tubes for laboratory equipments, tubes for surgical equipments, airway management, tube for soft-tissue dilator, blood transfusion tube, fluids channeling tube and etc. 





Medical tube, medical tubing, silicone rubber medical tube, silicone rubber medical tubing, dental tube, dental tubing, first aid tubing, I.V. tube, I.V. line, cannula, catheter, conduits, siphon tube, oxygen tube, suction tube, infusion tube, sorbent tubes, perfusion tube, intubation tube, anesthesia tube, channeling tubes, small-sized tubing, critical care tubing, silicone rubber ducts, silicone rubber conduits, airway management tube, intravenous injection tube, mechanical ventilation tube, laryngeal mask airway, tracheal tube, endotracheal tube, trachestomy tubes, tracheotomy tubes, tubes for endotracheal ventilation, tube for assistive device, tube for invasive diagnosis, tube for health care area, maternity and child hygiene area, tube for emergency medicine, tube for surgical equipment and Laboratory equipment, porous tube, multi-lumen tubing, double-lumen tube, two-lumen tube, three-lumen tube, four-lumen tubing, multi-passage tube, two-passage tube, three-passage tubing, four-passage tube, multi-channel tubing, multi-channeled tubing, two-channel tubing, three-channel tubing, silicone double-holed tubes, two-holed tubes, three-holed tubes silicone rubber pipeline, silicone rubber pipes and etc.


Last Update : 2016-05-12
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