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Metatron (mMRI)-Red Dragon

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微型核磁共振(mMRI)-Red Dragon
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Key Features

The common advantages for the mMRI (Metatron)-Red Dragon 1. Scan quick, suitable for all ages. 2. Need no take off clothes, free from waiting, and no need for fasting. 3. Safe, no radiation, no need for contrast medium, ree from any risk to human bodies, pregnant women and infants. 4. Non-voltage and non-current stimulation, free from contact to the skin, no side effect, and it is a mobile device. 5. Can receive large amount of scanning information. 6. Can evaluate and trace the pathological condition of disease in the early stage. 7. Before arrangement of advanced medical examination, can conduct the scanning by the device to confirm the therapy direction. 8. The health information and disease disclosure level, is leading in the current all diagnosis method (such as Ultrasonic, X-ray, and CT scan). Main features-Red Dragon 1. Includes all the functions of NutriSoft Diamond. 2. User interface supports Russian, English and German, with additional two languages : Chinese and Japanese. 3. Added in fourteen meridians traditional Chinese medicine. 4. Added in more than 600 standard spectrum. 5. Added in food categories database and traditional Chinese gourmet database – two recommendations for the clinical nutrition. Main functions-Red Dragon ‧Bacterial research ‧Ultrastructure ‧ldentifying of nidus borders ‧Vegeto-test ‧Smart-filter ‧Entropy analysis ‧NLS-analysis ‧Comparative analysis ‧DeepVision ‧FastVision ‧Select crosscut ‧Evaluation of BAPat hands and feet ‧Auriculodiagnostics ‧lridology ‧Traditional Chinese meridians ‧Meta-therapy ‧Lithotherapy ‧Phytotherapy ‧Correction of psychoemotional condition with Bach flower remedies ‧Preparation making Practice of the equipment- General health assessment、Systemic-functional assessment、Cardiovascular function analysis、Autonomic nervous system analysis、Analysis of the degree of osteoporosis、Allergen analysis、Food analysis、Brain function analysis.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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