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Nasal Washer

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Key Features

Nasal Washer


Spontaneous Flowing and Extreme Comfortable


Suitable for the following symptoms:

• Pediatric, gestatlonal, and chronic nasal disease

• Infection of the nasal cavity as a result of dust mites, air pollution, bacteria, and dirt.

• Allergic rhinitis

• Post-nasal drip

• Surgical procedure for nasal disease

• Sinusitis

• Hay Fever

• Nasal congestion

• Running nose

• Nasal empyema

• Nasal infection at work

• Sneezing

• Rhinitis

• Nasal odor


Funcfion Description:


Nose is an extremely delicate orgon. It needs a Iot of attention and care. However, the air quality is getting worse every day. There are a number of reasons to cause this: transportation, garbage burning and toxic gas from industries. In addition to this, there are also many other factors like germs, bugs, dust, and allergen. We are surrounded by these elements; they became the burden of our noses. As a consequence, there are a number of problems happening to our noses, they endanger people who are bothered by nasal allergic problems. It's all because of the allergens such as pollen, bugs, dust, mould, smoke, fragrance, moist temperature, and so forth. By take in these allergens into our noses, it causes successive sneezing and stuffed noses. It is extremely painful. Thus, by cleaning our noses, we will be able to get rid of all kinds of germs and dust so as to prevent us from getting sick and maintain healthy. SHIH-KANG Nasal Washer is advanced and easy to use.


It does not have to put on any pressure, it will not cause any pain, and it is very comfortable to apply to it. It is suitable for all kinds of acute and chronic nose symptom and offers a remarkable treatment. It has no side effect and good for all ages above 4.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2012-09-25
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