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OSEP101, Biodegradable Additive, for carrier bag

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Key Features

1. Product Information: 

Product Category: Biodegradable Resin

Item: OSEP101, Biodegradable Additive, for Bioderadable Bags

Model: OSEP101

2. Brief Introduction:

OSEP101 is neither conventional starch nor common caco3 filling agent, it is a combined substance involved, nano. Caco3, exclusive formula, and a few of HDPE, compounded with exclusive nano. Tech.  In addition, it could be applied in not only plastic bags but also more plastic products production line such as injection, extruding, blowing, and even coating. Usually the adding ratio range is from 10% to 40% even max. to 50%, it is depend on your demand. And the most important is the price of OSEP101 is always lower than other main plastic resins, so it could achieve your goal of cost down.  OSEP101 does not destroy your screw of m/c while running production, as we use nano. tech. to produce this additive, so its molecule is smaller than other brands, and due to this character, OSEP101 owns great compounding while mixing with other main plastic polymer, in addition, the melting degree of OSEP101 is 130 Celsius degree, it is lower than other main plastic polymer material's melting degree, and the maker just keep all the same degree setting as before without   adjustments when using OSEP101 in production.

3. Feature:

* The items of thin film and plastic bags involved OSEP101 over 40% adding ratio could be biodegradable over 80% under compost or landfill environment within 6 months, for other solid plastics involved OSEP101 which could own longer shelf life just like other regular plastics. On the other hand, its biodegradation time will be over 6months even decades.

* The treated plastics involved OSEP101 could be incinerated completely in incinerator without dioxin exhausted and harmful substance left. And the other character is, the treated plastics involved OSEP101 additive could be recycled and reused.

* For the selling point, we suggest to focus on applying in PE or PP products, as OSEP101 has well compounded as well as it could replace for 30%~50% of main plastic polymer, so that it can raise selling volume of OSEP101, moreover, makers/users can achieve the goal of cost down. For compounding with other resins like PS, PC, ABS, TPR, adding ratio range of OSEP101 is from 15% to 40%. And the makers/users can adjust adding ratio depend on their real demand and conditions.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2015-06-04
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