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Phototherapy Units

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Key Features

Double-shade phototherapy unit. 
1. Upper lampshade : Microprocessor control system. 
2. LED Digital Display. Accumulative Timer (per and grand total operation). 
3. Auto-alarm for lamp replacement. 
4. Bottom lampshade : Hour meter: 0 ~ 9999.9 hr. 
5. Fluorescent tube : 20W x 8 pcs (white or blue) Adjustable irradiation position (5 angles) and lamp height (non-sectional). 
6. Plexglass lamp protector : free tool. 
7. Mobile stand with four swing castors. 
8. Specification : 
(1) Voltage: 110 ~ 120V or 220 ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz 
(2) Watt: 320W 
(3) Fluorescent Tube: 20W x 8 pcs. (White or Blue) 
(4) Adjustable upper/lower lamp angle : 0°(horizontal), 22.5°, 45.0°, 67.5°, 90°(vertical) 
(5) Lampshade dimension: L75 x W26 x H11cm 
(6) Unit dimension: L65 x W46 x H126 ~ 156cm 
(7) Quiet operation of cooling fans: volume <50db. 
(8) Cooling air flow volume: 1200 ~ 1750 L/min.
(9) Lamp protection screen: tool-free insertion and removal 
(10) All parts and accessories are formed by press, which ensures durability 
(11) Effective height of upper lamp: non-sectional adjustable 115 ~ 145cm 
(12) Non-sectional adjustable height of lower lamp 
(13) Mobile stand with four swing castors, safe and stable 
(14) Eye-shade protector: 2 pairs 
(15) Effective light-condensing device 
(16) Lampshade and lamp stand are formed one-piece: risk of lampshade falling-off the stand is eliminated 
(17) User-friendly design: easy to maintain and repair 
(18) Baby crib: stainless steel frame, height adjuster, therapy-enhance cloth etc. 
(19) LED Digital Display, Accumulative Timer (per and grand total operation), Auto-alarm for lamp replacement. (Upper lampshade). 
(20) Hour meter: 0 ~ 9999.9 hr.(Bottom lampshade)

Product Certification

Last Update : 2016-08-18
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