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Plasmid Maxi Kit

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1.5 mg of Pure Plasmid DNA

Key Features

The Maxiprep Plasmid Kit was designed for plasmid DNA purification using pre-packed anion-exchange resin maxiprep columns to purify plasmid DNA from 200-1600 ml of cultured bacterial cells. TrueBlue Lysis Buffer (an optional color indicator) is included with the kit in order to prevent common handling errors, ensuring efficient cell lysis and neutralization. This plasmid kit uses a modified alkaline lysis method and RNase treatment to obtain clear cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA/RNA contaminants. Using an efficient gravity-flow procedure, plasmid DNA in the crude lysate is bound to the column and the contaminants are removed with the PW Buffer. The purified plasmid DNA is eluted by a high salt buffer and then precipitated with Isopropanol for desalting. The entire procedure can be completed in 2.5 hours without ultracentrifuges, HPLC or other toxic reagents and the purified plasmid DNA is suitable for Transfection, Sequencing Reactions, Ligation, PCR, and In-vitro Transcription, Microinjection, Restriction Enzyme Digestion and Gene Gun.

Advantages (Cat. # PM010, PM025)

  • High Yield: 1.5 mg of pure transfection grade plasmid DNA from 400 ml cultured bacterial cells
  • Large Sample Volume: 200-1600 ml of cultured bacterial cells
  • Format: Plasmid Maxi Anion-Exchange Resin Columns
  • Operation time: within 2.5 hours
  • Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25ºC) for up to 2 years

Product Certification

Last Update : 2013-11-08
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