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Prenatal belt, Pregnancy support, Pregnancy Belly Belt

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Pregnancy support and Baby care

Key Features

B-Soft®Anti-electromagneticwave prenatal band

    Types: Bottom (narrower) and Abdomen (Wider).                

      Free size or as per requested

           The pregnant women are possibly hurt bythe appliances as: hi-voltage wires, electricity factory or the electricfoundation, computer, Xerox and fax machines, cell phones, micro wave oven andelectric magnetic plates etc. According to the medical research, the reasonscaused baby hurting are:

1.    Thefrequency stronger than 40 milli-Gauss (unit for measuring electromagneticwaves) will cause the abnormal development to the baby’s neurocoele of embryoand subsequently cause its deformation of the head, neck, eyes and spinal cord.

2.    Howelectromagnetic wave makes mutation of the cells? There are electric charged ions,protein, and nucleic acid substances, besides the aforesaid, inherent gene inthe cell also possesses electric charges. Those electric charges will be interferedbecause of approaching the stronger electromagnetic waves. Such interference ofelectric charges will cause the mutation of gene and make congenital anomy.

So we develop the said product aiming at theabove mentioned points. The             raw material to be used is a functioning fabrics with3 layers. The inner               layer is made of temperature constant fabrics achievingperspiration                     repellency and warm keeping; the mid layer is made of very finestainless steel fiber blended with Polyester and nickel powder for blocking electromagnetic waves. The single metal fiber is with diameter at 8μm which isabout 1/8 of human hair. The outer layers is made of Nylon with Velcroconstruction via suitable adjustment. There will be no any remaining of solventas the raw material is without any chemical additives. Therefore it is acomplete environmental protection product. According to the test made by notary organization, the above mentioned rawmaterial can be possessed permanent protection from electromagnetic waves. Alsoit can be used for anti-radiation, anti-static, abrasive resistant and washing resistant. It is effectively to isolate the electromagnetic waves withdifferent frequencies of 0.1MHZ, 0.3MHZ, 0.9MHZ …… 900MHZ, 1,800MHZ and 3GHZand reduce the radiation caused by electromagnetic waves. Moreover the productprovides preventing from premature birth. The product can be treated with farinfra-red for improving blood circulation with optional choice. 

Last Update : 2013-06-03
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