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Sports Knee Protector

Made in
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Key Features

1. 100% Made in Taiwan. 
2. Varicose Healthy compression Protectors 
3. Ergonomic design, to modeling results 
4. Unique formula 

1. Segmental decompression stretch knit.  
2. Ergonomic design, to modeling results.  
3. Unique formula, with anti-bacterial deodorant effect. 
4. Breathable mesh pants fork design, the body feels most comfortable.  
5. Enhance flexibility in shaping the abdomen weaving, effective abdominal contraction. 

Varicose Healthy compression stocking

- Object 
1. Long-standing workers, such as nurses, counter attendants, flight attendants, shop assistants, teachers, operator ...  
2. Long-term sedentary workers, such as financial officers, office workers, computer workers, drivers, pilots .  
3. Easily tired legs, those who should not be long standing.  
4. Those who want to have a perfect curve of the leg. 
- Way to wear 
1. Segmental decompression stretch knit. Scroll to the toes with both hands at the stockings, put on by the toe area, and slowly pulled up to the heel, toe and heel need to pay attention to the same part of agreement with the tights, and then pulled up to the ankle, this time in the same way then the other foot wear to the ankle.  
2. Ergonomic design, to modeling results. The pulp strength, the tights pulled down the leg up, be sure to make it close to the calf area, pulled up to his knees Xiachu, same for the other foot.  
3. Feet are worn to the knee Xiachu, the tights in the same way and then close thigh and pulled to the next file place the other foot likewise.  
4. Determine foot socks are no creases when close, hands parallel to the pull up pants body can be pulled to the waist.  
5. A more rapid way of dressing: Anti-worn. 

Last Update : 2014-03-27
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