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Vertical Type Steam Sterilizer

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Key Features

Model No.: WM-342P/WM343P
 Control systemAutomatic control system provides strict control of sterilize temperature、time、pressure et To assure consistent, accurate performance.
 Cycle progressesAutomatically through condition、sterilizing、exhaust and drying phases 
 Sterilize temperaturecan be set from 120℃ to 134℃ on digital temperature controller.
what setting temperature is achieved the process of  sterilizing cycle will automatic operating 
 Sterilize Timecan be set from 0~99 minutes on digital sterilizing timer. 
 Drying Timecan be set from 0~99 minutes on digital drying timer. 
  The timer starts only after the pre-set temperature is reached, ensuring complete sterilization. 
 Buzzer announces A buzzer announces the completion and cuts off the beating power source.
 Press-Temperature Gaugemake ideal require reading and indicate high precision and consistent results 
 Integral Heating systemis equipped with a high efficient immersion beater 
 Temperature Switchto provide strict control of hearing temperature
 Drying deviceto ensures efficient heating and drying functions 
 Automatic Air Venting device discharges cool air from chamber to obtain effective saturated steam
 Chamber Dooris manually operated and actuated by rotating a door handle. 
 Door GasketSilicon-Rubber sealing gasket is applied to an even pressure door seal. 
 Chamber type Cylindrical chamber provides a large capacity to satisfy a wide range of sterile processing needs. 
 CastorsFour heavy-duty castors are mounted for convenient movement. 
 Safety devices:1.Safety valve:releasing steam in case of excessive chamber pressure.
2.Over heating protection device:high temperature deviation in chamber actuates protective device cuts off the heating source immediately 
3.Circuit protection device:circuit breaker protects control units when short circuit or overload occurs.
4.Emergency exhaust:manual exhaust to went the chamber and remove the load in the event of  a power outage.  
 Chamber sizes WM-342P:∅30x D70cm/WM343P:∅35x D75cm
 VolumeWM-342P:49 Liters/WM343P:72Liters 
 Overall Dimensions WM-342P:W51xH117xD64(cm)/WM343P:W56xH125xD69(cm)
 Net Weight WM-342:70.0kg/WM343:97.0kg.
 M.A.W.P. 2.5kg/cm2
 Design Temperature138 
 Working Temperature121℃~132 
 Timer Electric Powr0~99mins.(3.1kw.  3.4kw) 
 Power 220V. 1PH 50/60HZ 
 Chamber & Door MaterialStainless steel SUS304 
 Shell MaterialSteel Processed with Electrostatic Painting
 Standard Accessories1. Bottom shelf x 1 pc. 2.Stainless steel wire basket(large) x 1pc. 3.Rubber hose x 1pc.
 Optines□Thermal printer pristed record of all pertinent cycle data.  
□Stainless steel wire basket(medium) x 2pcs

Last Update : 2014-10-09
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