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Viogene VioTotal Plant RNA Miniprep Extraction System

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Key Features

For Plant Samples

  • Introduction

Viogene® RNA Extraction Systems provides a simple silica-gel-membrane spin-column and economical method to purify total RNA from various samples: Traditional Viogene RNA Extraction System extraction total RNA from cultured cells, tissues, bacteria, yeast and plants; miTotal RNA Extraction System for total RNA extraction emphasizing on microRNA and siRNA yield and purification, suitable for animal cells from culture, tissues, whole blood, plasma, serum, biological fluids containing RNA virus, etc.. ; and VioTotal Plant RNA Extraction System provides a fast method to purify total RNA from plant material and plant cells.


·         Principle

Viogene® VioTotalTM Plant RNA Extraction Miniprep System provides a fast method to purify total RNA from 100 mg plant material or 1 x 107 plant cells. A simple spin-column based method can isolate large RNAs, siRNAs, and microRNAs without the time-consuming procedure of phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation.

  • Features and benefits
    • Enhanced small and microRNA yield 
    • Purification process requires only 30 minutes
    • Spin column fit by centrifugation
    • No toxic reagent (no phenol/chloroform, no CsCl gradients, no LiCl precipitation)
    • Ready-to-use high-quality RNA (Purity A260 /A280 >1.9) from small to large amounts of starting material


RNA yields from Viral Nucleic Acids Extraction System


Sample Size

Elution Volume


1x104 – 5x106 plant cells, 50mg plant material

30~50 μl

 25-50 µg


  • Downstream Application

RNA purified by Viogene VioTotal Plant RNA Extraction System generates high quality of A260/A280 ratio (1.8~2.1), and is ideal for all applications including:


    • Northern, dot and slot blotting
    • RT-PCR / Quantitative real-time PCR
    • Poly A+ RNA selection
    • cDNA Synthesis/ Primer extension
    • Array analysis
    • Transcription profiling
    • In vitro translation


Ordering Information




Cat. No

Viogene VioTotal Plant RNA Mini Extraction System

50 preps

50 Plant Total RNA Mini Column,
50 Collection Tubes, Buffers, Protocol,
RNase-free ddH2O

PVTR 1001

250 preps

250 Plant Total RNA Mini Column,
250 Collection Tubes, Buffers, Protocol,
RNase-free ddH2O

PVTR 1002


Product Certification

Last Update : 2012-12-13
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